Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Looking to buy in bulk, perhaps to share with friends?

Tired of driving to supermarkets for those things you can’t get in the village?

Or maybe you want environmentally friendly cleaning products...

Join the Maiden Bradley Food Co-op!

· No membership fee

· No regular commitment

Open to everyone, wherever you live in the area

· Pay for your order on collection at the Maiden Bradley Village Shop

A Food Co-op is just a group of people getting together to buy in bulk. Food Co-ops are non-profit making.

We just want to help our community benefit from cheap, quality food, and become more self sufficient. The more shopping we can get in the village, the more time and fuel saved!

We are also passionate about our Village Shop and believe the Food Co-op will bring in more customers and increase turnover. We will not sell things already sold there in similar quantities.

All we add to the price we buy at is a 10% fee to the Maiden Bradley Village Shop for handling and storage.

To Join, simply email us at bradleyfoodcoop@gmail.com

or send your contact details to Steve at 44 Church Street, or leave a note in the shop. It's that simple.

To order: See the full product list on the Essential Trading Website,

If looking on the Essential Trading Website, please note the following:

'Z' means no VAT

'V' means add VAT

You will see recommended selling prices but the price we pay cannot be seen without a log in code- ask us for one. Typically our buying price is 30% cheaper.

Yes it is a bit complicated to use if you're not particularly web-savvy so don't hesitate to email or ring us with your queries.

We have posted some examples on this site, these can be seen by clicking the link at the top of the page, on the right. We will gradually build this up into a easy to view list of popular choices and special offers.

You can also browse a catalogue in the shop or request your own.

More info - bradleyfoodcoop@gmail.com

or phone Steve 0789 999 2398

At present, we are only selling things from the Essential Trading Company Range. As we grow, we expect to broaden our range to include various local products - in fact, anything we can find cheap in bulk and pass on to our neighbours and friends in the area.